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Quran Recitation

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Quran Recitation story

started in early 2005. A Muslim family had extreme difficulty in finding a qualified Qur’an teacher for study at home. Maryland, USA had pretty decent Muslim population but there no were no Qur’an teacher available to teach at home. There was Sunday program at Mosque but it was not one to one tutoring. He decided to launch Qur’an Reading and recitation online program with live Qu’ran tutor providing one to one Qur’an learning. Today after three years we have become the worlds the first, the best and the largest Online Qur’an Academy. We have taught more than 5000 kids and parents to Read Qur’an with Tajweed.

How it Became Possible?

Quran Reading was not just a mediocre Online Quran Tutoring program. Behind it was a USA “Fortune 500″ executive with his fifteen years of experience in High Tech Industry and 10 years of side experience of running educational institutions. Initially, parents were skeptical whether the program will work or not. It took about one year to introduce this online learning program of quran recitation and prove our capability to parents that we are a serious and world class organization.

Who Can Learn?

Anybody who has internet and computer can learn with us. We will walk you through how to download simple Gotomeeting program for interactive Live Qur’an Reading and recitation session with live Qur’an teacherHoly Quran reading and recitation program is for both the young and the old alike, anyone from age 4 to 75 can benefit from ouronline Qur’an tutoring program.


2 Responses to “Quran Recitation”
  1. um.mumin says:

    asalaamalaikum warahmat ALLAH wabarakatu:
    im really looking for information on this summer sessions and would appreciate any feedback ASAP. i called a few times but no answer. please kindly email me back or post something on this site. id also like to get in touch with the qualified Quran teachers and know if there are female teachers available. i need to know dates,times and costs please. would appreciate an email with your response. jazakAllah kheir. um’mumin.

  2. Please call Malik Academy.
    thank you

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